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Take advantage of the latest technology

Dev2Pub manages and optimises your website’s monetization through innovative formats. Equipped with the latest technologies, our algorithm is designed to optimize the cost-effectiveness of formats and streamline their integration.

You will enjoy our platform which provides you with the essentials for managing your advertising formats in a simple and streamlined way.


Boost your advertising revenue!

We provide you with ad formats tailored to your needs.

Our technology enables you to access high-visibility formats in order to increase your advertising revenue while respecting the user experience.
Our playful and refined platform gives you access to all the information you need.

By embedding our formats, we give you access to tens of thousands of advertisers, no matter your traffic.
Our teams are always on hand to integrate and develop new formats and respond to your needs.


Access a high-quality, multi-themed inventory !

Are you looking for an international inventory of formats in accordance with IAB standards ? You’re in the right spot !

Advertiser, SSP, DSP, Trading Desk or Live Brand, you can purchase from our multi-themed inventory which is optimized to improve your conversion, rebound or visibility rates

Our Technology

A solution tailored to your ambitions

Smooth, quick and easy to use

Our platform and algorithm are developed in .Net6 and Angular

Header Bidding

All of our ad formats are auctioned off in real time to give you the best price

Homemade formats

Discover our homemade formats, allowing us to improve the profitability


Manage all your announcements via our platform

Smart refresh

We apply refreshment to our ATF formats to bring you more revenue


We use native JavaScript technology to be compatible with most browser releases in the market


An advertising size is good.
Having several sizes of adverts inside is better

WolrdWide Advertisers

No matter where your audience comes from, our advertisers are present all over the world

Multi Device

Desktop, tablet, mobile.. Our ads adapt to your device

Ad Quality

The quality of the adverts displayed is paramount for us. We systematically block certain subjects such as gambling, adult content, weapons, dating apps, pharmaceutical products, tobacco, alcohol…

CMP and Ads.txt 

We provide you with the ability to embed a CMP on your site. In addition, you can access our ads.txt manually or automatically

Complete dashboard and dedicated management

Our dashboard will give you access to whatever you need.
We give priority to the human relationship and contact for managing your account

How we work

Goal #1: Make it easier for you!


Creation request

Send us a request using our form


Site Approval

Our editorial team will review your application within 48 hours


Format Integration

We help you embed your formats


Just let it happen

Don’t touch a thing and appreciate the power of DEV2PUB

Our Formats

Obtain the best in digital advertising by incorporating our intelligent formats that respect the user experience. Looking for an introduction ? Write us ! And we will demonstrate

IAB Banners

Desktop, mobile or responsive, integrate those formats into your site’s content.

These advertising banners are the basis for programmatic commercialization.

formats atf

ATF Formats

These formats are readily available on your site without scrolling.

Better visibility, better pay and always respecting the user experience

marketing programmatic


Our formats connect with the highest-end marketers in programmatic marketing.

Access hundreds of thousands of brands to expand your ad revenue

Technical services

DEV2PUB also offers his expertise in IT development.
We support our customers in identifying the needs that bring real added value to their business, in order to propose solutions and implement them.
We work according to the Agile method, to limit development risks and unnecessary expenditure.

Consulting, Audit, Needs Analysis

Designing specifications

Setup and maintenance

WordPress CMS

API / Web develoment 

C# / .Net7

Frontend development

Angular, Typescript, HTML/CSS

Database conception / maintenance

PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Data aggregation

From any source in any form (e.g. DB -> Dashboard, Excel, CSV, TXT…).

Imports / Exports

Implement import/export between different data sources (API, CSV, Excel, etc.)

SEO optimization

Technical optimization for your website

Skilled Languages

C#, PHP, Javascript, Typescrit, HTML / CSS, Windev / Webdev

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